Embassy in Danmark

The Economic and Commercial Section of the Embassy of Argentina to the Kingdom of Denmark

The Economic and Commercial Section of the Embassy of Argentina to the Kingdom of Denmark carries out promotion activities to increase bilateral trade and investments in Argentina and to promote the country as a touristic destination.

The main activities consist of:

  • Strengthening bilateral economic and trade ties by facilitating communication between representatives of the public and private sectors.
  • Assisting the private sector in trade missions, in particular, those of small and medium enterprises.
  • Identifying and analyzing trade intelligence information in order to assess opportunities in the Danish market.
  • Promoting investment opportunities in Argentina.
  • Promoting inbound tourism to Argentina.

Our mission:

  • To promote Argentine exports of goods and services of high added value.
  • Help Danish companies to find partners in Argentina.
  • Encourage foreign direct investment, sharing information about the opportunities in various sectors of the Argentina economy.
  • To coordinate initiatives of foreign trade policy between this Embassy and other public and private foreign trade partners in Denmark.
  • To assist the Argentine businessmen and delegations that aim to introduce their products/services or to operate in the Danish market, by conducting market intelligence and identifying potential opportunities and niches for these Argentine firms
  • To promote investments in Argentina by establishing business agreements in all fields.
  • To provide Danish companies with information regarding business opportunities in Argentina.

If your company is formally established in Denmark and you are interested in doing businesses with or in Argentina please contact us:

Commercial Section of the Embassy of Argentina to the Kingdom of Denmark:

Borgergade 16, 4th floor, Copenhagen. Phone Nr +45 33 15 80 82


Business assistance for Danish companies

This Embassy can help Danish firms as follows:

1. Identification of business partners

We can provide information about potential partners in Argentina for the products or services you offer. In order to do so, your company profile and the specifications about the type of partner you look for must be provided to this Embassy. This information will be shared by the Embassy to firms in Argentina that can be your potential partners, enabling Argentine firms to make its offer directly to you and start the negotiations.

2. Preparation for Business Travel

If you are interested in doing business with Argentina and visit our country, your firm can apply to be assisted by the Commercial Section of this Embassy. It consists of helping you to contact the right counterpart, set meetings, provide practical advice, etc. Ideally, business trips should be arranged 60 days in advance aiming to contact and organize meetings with firms that may be spread all over the country, not only in the main cities.


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